Medical Insurance

Employees are the greatest asset in any organization. Healthy employees produce more for organizations hence the need to ensure their medical expenses are taken care of whenever there is need.

At Reica Insurance Brokers, we partner with leading insurance companies to provide the best medical insurance solutions. We have both locally sourced medical insurance and international personal medical insurance (IPMI) tailored to suit organization’s various needs. There is a wide choice of benefits to take care of every employee. The basic covers include:

  • Inpatient / hospitalization Cover (primary)
  • Outpatient Cover
  • Dental (optional)
  • Optical (optional)

The cover can be extended to include other optional riders some of which attract minimal or no premium at all. These include:

  • Last Expense
  • Excess of loss
  • Repatriation of mortal remains for frequent travelers

Standard medical Insurance – scope of cover


The policy provides inpatient cover for insured members while being managed/treated in a recognized hospital and absorbs expenses resulting from the following services: –

  • Consultation fees directly leading to hospitalization,
  • Evacuation costs directly leading to hospitalization,
  • In hospital accommodation costs for bed, ICU/HDU and related charges.
  • Theatre charges and the costs of surgical appliances and toiletries
  • Doctors’ fees (Physicians, Surgeons, Anesthetists’)
  • Medical investigations & pathology i.e. X-rays, scans, computerized Tomography, laboratory tests, etc.
  • Daycare surgery
  • Prescribed medications, dressings,
  • Radiotherapy and chemotherapy,
  • In hospital physiotherapy,
  • Post-hospitalization outpatient follow-up for accidental & surgical cases or one month after discharge.



  • Consultation with a general practitioner
  • Consultation with a specialist upon referral by a general practitioner
  • Laboratory investigations and X-rays
  • Prescription medicines
  • Outpatient procedures e.g. dressings
  • Physiotherapist’s fees