Personal Accident Cover

Accidents happen all the time. Whether you have been choked by your favourite food or involved in a car accident, it is hard to tell when it happens and the devastation it can cause. People loss limbs, eyes, and sometimes their lives.

Although, it is not possible to restore a limb or live once it happens, personal accident helps to ease the burden of such losses by providing funds for upkeep and medical treatment.

There are five main areas covered:

  • Full compensation in case of death – funds provided to nominated next of kin
  • Full or partial compensation in case of loss of body parts: limbs, eyes, etc (Permanent total disablement)
  • Actual compensation for time lost during temporary disablement – paid in case one is rendered inactive for some period of time
  • Medical expenses
  • Last expense – paid to next of kin in case of a fatal accident